Top 10 Gambling and Betting APIs

Online gambling and betting is a highly regulated, global, multi-billion-dollar industry. The market for gambling and betting APIs is growing, with the creation of automated betting systems or custom betting interfaces, enabling bets to be placed much faster than through a website. APIs for gambling and betting are driving business for betting exchanges and allow developers to add legal, real-money gambling to their apps.

Here are the top 10 Gambling and Betting APIs that consider multiple factors in real time, including odds comparison, liquidity, stake calculation, current score and remaining game time.


Betfair pioneered gambling and betting APIs. The Betfair Exchange API is used by individuals to develop their own trading strategies and betting tools. Software vendors use it to develop commercial trading applications and bookmakers use it to support their own operations. A commercial licence is required where applicable, but the API is free to players within certain limits.


Betable allows developers to legally add real-money gambling to their games at no cost and without the need for their own gambling licence. Betable's API takes popular casino games and converts them to API calls. Players deposit and manage their funds with Betable, and use OAuth to authorise a developer's games. All regulated gambling activities take place on Betable's servers.


SharkScope allows online poker players to track their statistics and retrieve information about their opponents. Developers can build applications on top of all the data SharkScope tracks. APIs for gambling and betting are available to SharkScope subscribers for a fee.


Offers XML data feeds for real-time odds at more than 200 bookmakers. Coverage includes soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball and American football, with some historical data dating back to 1997.


Providing several betting data feeds for pre-match odds covering more than 70 bookmakers and live in-play betting odds from a number of leading bookmakers offering 7,000 monthly events. eOddsmaker also offers a unique XML feed containing pre-match arbitrage opportunities.


FairLuck helps establish trust between game operators with its fair random number generator service. The service operates as gambling and betting APIs that can be accessed through the company’s libraries.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports offers customers and affiliate programme participants free access to an API providing live odds and direct betting. Commercial data providers and software vendors are offered access to the APIs for gambling and betting via licensed agreement.

Betfair Games API

Offering popular casino games like Blackjack, Hi-Lo, Hold 'Em and more, the Betfair Games API, lets players retrieve historical data about game play and allows developers to build bots that play games on their behalf.

Publishers and media companies can access API feeds for global lottery results. The company also offers APIs for payouts, frequency charts and smart picks.


Locaid offers a SOAP-based Compliance API that enables companies to accurately identify the location of users in real time across multiple sources to ensure that they are within a company-specified geographical boundary before they can bet.