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Pixie 2.2.1 is out! New features include:

  • Point Based occlusion and color bleeding - Get occlusion and color bleeding without raytracing
  • Improved AOV support (color AOVs are alpha composited like rgba)
  • Improved non-raster-orient dicing
  • Raytracing improvements - more robust, faster raytracing, with PRMan-compatible visibility and shade attributes
  • Shading language compiler sdrc is more robust and supports some syntax it previously didn't

Download here [1], release notes here [2]Previous Releases

Examples / Tutorials

Tutorial-style guides to various features in Pixie.

You can view and contribute your own examples here


Your contributed images, bug reports and and feedback help make Pixie better.


If you're having trouble, look in the FAQ's first. If think there may be a bug, please report it on the sourceforge forums at [[3]]. If you have an example to help debug the problem, put it in the Troubleshooting section here, and link to it in your forum message.



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